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ICES web services



 Ces Interop Module
 ICES interoperability services module.

Detailed Description

ICES web services

The module ces_iterop from ICES project comes with two web services that allows third applications to communicate with the banking server. These two web services are:


ICES comes with an implementation of the OpenTransact (www.opentransact.org) protocol. The OpenTransact protocol is an extension of the OAuth2 (http://oauth.net/2/) protocol adding some fields to define the transactions. We refer to the specification of the protocol at http://www.opentransact.org/core.html.

There are some minor differences between the official specification and the implementation in this module:

The endpoint of the service, or the asset URI in opentransct terms, is:

https://[site name]/ces/interop/opentransact/XXXX

where XXXX is the code of the exchange where the transaction takes place.

The token endpoint is

https://[site name]/ces/interop/opentransact/token

See the test file ces_interop.test included in this module for a complete example on how to use this service.

In order to use the service a client must be granted with a client_id and a client_key that should be provided by the system administrator of the ICES instance. For http://www.integralces.net please contact with info@.nosp@m.inte.nosp@m.gralc.nosp@m.es.n.nosp@m.et.


The resources service is a simple JSON web service to access to some objects in ICES. The authorization of this service is OAuth2 (http://oauth.net/2/) similar to the opentransact protocol.

The authorization endpoint is

https://[site name]/oauth2/authorize

The scope attribute is required and must be set to resources. The token endpoint is

https://[site name]/oauth2/token

There are three available resources: