External Transactions with IntegralCES

External transactions ICES <=> CES operate through an intermediate server, the Clearing Center (CC).

It is therefore really ICES <=> CC <=> CES. Only can do this type of transaction networking accounts of on integralces that are registered in the CC and configured properly.

Register new network and configure locally

To register a new network you must got to http://clearingcentral.net/register.php and fill out th eform

Then you must configure the network administration settings on IntegralCES.

Users creating external transactions

Once the network is configured, a user has to go to the regular form for starting a transaction. There in the drop-down "Network for the exchange of the buyer" must appear the option "External Network."

In choosing this option, the interface changes (through an AJAX call) and what was before a dropdown box to select the account receivable now are two text fields. One to put the "Network ID" or NID (cenXXXX) (with a link to this side to find the NID we're looking for), and the other to put the account number of the buyer (e.g. BCNAXXXX).

Other fields are as usual: description and quantity.

To create and confirm the transaction, it appeals to the Clearing Center that in turn informs the CES. From a network point of view, this transactions is the like the rest of Interxarxes transactions: annotated is a transaction between the actual user of the CES (e.g. COOP1234) and the virtual user that represents the entire network (e.g. COOPcen0123).

Also as in Interxarxes transactions, this virtual user COOPcen0123 will create the first attempt to compromise between these networks (which will fail). Once activated, will already operate transations with this network. This serves to ensure that the administrator will have a good view of the account to operate with another network.