CesBankLimitChain Class Reference

A chain of account limits. More...

Inheritance diagram for CesBankLimitChain:

Public Member Functions

 checkAccount (CesBankLocalAccount &$account)
 TODO: document. More...
 checkTransaction (CesBankLocalAccount &$account, CesBankTransactionInterface &$transaction)
 Check whether the transaction can be applied. More...
 deleteExtraData ()
 Delets associated CesBankAccountLimit. More...
 getCesBankAccountLimits ()
 TODO: document. More...
 getParent ()
 The parent object for those objects using the decorator pattern. More...
 getRecord ()
 TODO: Document. More...
 loadRecord ($record)
 Load record. More...
 saveExtraData ()
 Saves instances of CesBankAccountLimit that belong to CesBankLimitChain. More...

Data Fields


Static Public Attributes

static $table = 'ces_limitchain'

Protected Member Functions

 getSimpleRecord ()
 Object simple record. More...

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

A chain of account limits.

It is used by account.

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