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IntegralCES is a free and open source software project based on Drupal for the management of currencies communities.

IntegralCES is an alternative to the widely used software Community Exchange System to bring improvements in technology, usability, decentralization and flexibility while maintaining strong standards and original concepts that CES has developed during the last decade.

The central part of IntegralCES is a central bank software. It's similar to traditional bank software with banking accounts, transfers, etc., but with the particularity that the revenues and payments are not in conventional currencies. In order to identify the behavior of exchange local communities, the whole system is divided into exchange groups. Each group has its own currency and configurable rules, but can interact through currency conversion.

If you're worried about the present and future economy and you find this project interesting, do not hesitate to contact us for more information and eventually join the team. We are determined to share this software with the local communities around the world that want to use it.

The project began with the people of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana and Ecoxarxes. Soon people from other spanish social movements joined it. We hope to join people around the world to form an international community so that we can meet the goal of maintaining and improving a high-quality software for local communities using currencies. 


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