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 Automate doxygenScript to automate the generation of documentation with doxygen
 Base de datos
 ICESThe main virtual module called ces does not have any features
 Ces BankCes bank hooks module
 Ces Bank ViewViews for CES Banks creates ces_exchange view
 Ces Bank Views defaultsView from ces_bank
 Forms from Ces BankForms definition
 LimitChain forms
 Forms from account users in Ces BankForms definition
 Install Ces BankInstall, update and uninstall functions for the ces bank module
 Logic from Ces BankCES banking logic layer
 Pages from Ces BankAll page callback functions for bank module
 Pages from Ces Bank Account UsersAll page callback functions for users account in bank module
 Theme functions from Ces BankAll theme default functions for bank module
 Ces BlogImplements the drupal hooks for this module
 Install Ces BlogInstall, update and uninstall functions for the ces blog module
 Ces ImportImplements the drupal hooks for this module
 Ces Import from CES documentation

Ces Import from CES

 Datos de importación del CES
 Install ces_import4cesCreate a tables from imports
 Parse announces from CESFunctions from parse announces
 Parse balances from CESFunctions from parse balances
 Parse offers and wants from CESFunctions from parse offers and wants
 Parse setting from CESFunctions from parse setting
 Parse trades from CESFunctions from parse trades
 Parse users from CESFunctions from parse users
 Ces Interop

ICES web services

 Ces Interop ModuleICES interoperability services module
 Ces MessageCes Message gestiona el envío de notificaciones a los usuarios
 Ces Message ActionsCreating a core Entity API entity
 Ces Message ModuleManagement application notifications
 Ces Message TemplatesCreating a core Entity API entity
 Ces Message View dataView from message
 Ces Message Views defaultsView from message
 Ces users messagesCreating a core Entity API entity
 Ces OffersWantsImplements the drupal hooks for this module
 Ces OffersWants Send NotifyImplements the drupal hooks for send order
 Install OffersWantsInstall and uninstall ces offerswants module
 Templates from OffersWantsTemplate for rendering offers and wants
 Ces Rest
 Ces Rest Funcionality
 Ces Rest ModuleImplement the Ces Rest Module
 Ces StatisticsImplements the drupal hooks for this module
 Ces SummaryBlockSummary Block from ICES
 Ces UserCes User module
 Install ces_userInstall Ces User